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Make n Bake

Let us know what you've made at Art in the Garden 2024

Please enter your details, and we'll be in touch when your creations are ready to be picked up.

What happens next?

We will let all your creations dry completely, then fire them to cone 6. This may take a few weeks, but when they are ready, we'll contact you.

Fired items will be available to pick up from our studio space during our open studio hours. If you need to pick them up outside of these hours, you'll need to contact us to work out how.

Please note: clay creations are fragile. We'll do our utmost to take care of them during drying and firing, but accidents can happen. If pieces break off, they can be glued back on, but they won't be as strong.

We'll post about them on insta and facebook too, so follow us to stay in the loop. Links are below.

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