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Art in the Garden

This years Art in the Garden was a huge success. Even though rain was scheduled it held off till the weekends final hours. The collaboration with Whanganui Artists Group was a great addition, with an array of work by local artists being exhibited. A double-decker bus ran continually from the Riverside Markets to the stunning garden location the outskirts of town.

Each potter set up their own display, of ceramic work for sale.

The club ran their fundraising raku, where you can purchase a piece of bisque fired work and glaze it yourself. The team then fires it in the raku kiln, and in 45 minutes it reached 1000oC. Then the work is taken out using tongs and placed on a bed of sawdust, and covered with tin, so that the glaze experiences a reduction atmosphere, where the oxygen is removed while the sawdust burns out. The resulting glaze effects can be exciting and unpredictable at times!


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