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Beginner Wheel Course - Term 2 2024

Wheel throwing introduction

  • Ended
  • 130 New Zealand dollars
  • Whanganui Potters Studio

Class description

Learn the basics of throwing clay on a potter wheel in an informal, enjoyable class. Each participant has individual attention during the lessons and after the five classes will have at least one useful object to take home - although most produce many more. Participants will learn the core skills of throwing: wedging clay, centring, opening, pulling walls, trimming leather hard items as well as pulling and attaching handles. These will be taught over 4 consecutive lessons, followed by an additional 5th class where students will learn how to glaze their bisque fired pieces. Taught by Fiona McLeod, a Whanganui based full time potter. **Lesson plans** Week 1: Wedging -rams horn and slap wedging Centering 300-400g ball Opening up the ball Compressing bottom of bowl Raising walls. Aiming to make a cylinder Removing bowl if successful Cleaning up after the class Week 2: Repeat week one to refresh memories. If anyone has a leather hard bowl show trimming including trimming a foot. Students continue to make cylinders. For those able to do this will learn to stretch the walls out to make a bowl. Finishing the rim will be taught. How to make a spout might be taught too if there is interest. Week 3: Trimming -Fiona will demonstrate how to trim, showing them a foot and putting a glaze mark in the very base of the wall help with glazing. Handles- pulling handles as well as rolling or moulding. Attaching the handle. Week 4: Any points that need to be demonstrated again, any questions needing to be answered and general practice will happen. Plates will be taught if the students have progressed that far and larger balls of clay will be introduced. (600g) Note: there will be a gap between week 4 & 5 to allow items to be bisque fired Week 5: Glazing. Fiona will show mixing and sieving the glaze. I will talk about basic ingredients and temperatures. Waxing the bottoms Dipping Touching up spots Cleaning the base thoroughly Cleaning the glazing space after. Any questions, contact Chris

Contact Details

  • Whanganui Potters Studio Taupo Quay, Whanganui, New Zealand

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